about RÄZO

about RÄZO

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The history of RÄZO began when we entered N1 races
with top Japanese Grand Prix winning drivers.

The N1 is the closest class to a production car and the modifications are severely limited,
so it must be thoroughly modified with reducing the weight of the vehicle
and the base car's original performance can be optimized.

It can be said to be one of the ideal types of tuning.

The first development was the shift knob and pedals,
which can be considered the most important interface between driver and car.

The starting point for RÄZO is not the racing car,
but how to get the best performance out of a production car.

RÄZO shift knobs and pedals can be used by the average user,
without the need for special tools.

Designed for easy installation to mass production vehicles*.
*Please check the compatibility for each model.

RÄZO provides the highest quality performance for your car,

and aims to ensure for the driver for the ideal position and feeling,
"I want to finish my car to my liking" and "I want to enjoy my driving more
We will continue to develop our products in order to respond to the feelings of drivers.